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I am Author of 13 books in the following areas:

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As a Scientific Committee’s President, I’ve also collaborated to the 28 books published in the HRC-FrancoAngeli Serie “Best practices from the HR world”

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In more than 12 years as Founder and President of HRC I have developed and broadened the widest and most diverse network of HR experts and Top Managers in Italy and abroad.
I have carried forward the values of giving back and relational networking in more than 850 HR Events, in Italy and at global level. Among them, we can mention:

HRC Meeting and International Meeting
Knowledge Community House
Best Practice Day and Best Practice Tour
Welfare, Labour & Education Committees
Talent Days, Women Talent Days, Talent Days Parents and Millennial Experience Program
Y Lab and Panorama Carriere e Lavoro
People Experiences
HRC International Academy
HRC Conventions
HRC Patronages
And much more

I have channelled all my energies and effort into providing HR professionals with practical problem-solving tools hat give added value to Organizations and the Market.
I have conceived the most innovative and active Digital HR Network, MyHRGoal, with more than 3000 members that, thanks to its App mobile version, enables an user to be connected with the Community from any place at any time.

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Thanks to my personal and professional growth, I have expanded my knowledge and know-how through challenging experiences in several different fields, I have acquired great skill and expertise in Labour market trends to obtain a clearer vision of the situation, offering my insights and grounbreaking ideas in the area of Innovation, Talent and Excellence. In addition, I’ve been involved as Labour Market Expert in more than 350 interviews and media-activities in the main Italian and international newspapers, magazines and TV shows.


Among them:
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In order to contribute to fair, real and transparent news about the Labour Market and its related trends I have developed and presented several TV formats dedicated to work and to the Labour Market mismatch. I’ve informed TV audiences of 5000 job vacancies available in more than 1500 Italian and international Companies across all industries.

Among some of the TV shows I have presented I can list:

HRC “Avanti c’è posto” for Studio Aperto – Italia 1 in 2009;
HRC “Cerco Lavoro” for Sky TG 24, from December 2009 to June 2015;

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I have also opened up 30.000 job opportunities in the Panorama special series: “Speciale Lavoro” and “Trova lavoro con noi”, edited by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, both published between 2009 and 2010 with dedicated covers, besides several other cover stories from 2011 to 2017 included.

Acting as a Labour Market expert I have presented a prime-time TV Show on LA7 Channel “Il contratto – Gente di Talento”, with 8 episodes between February and April 2011.
My entrepreneurial and Labour Market expertise has also granted me the opportunity to publish columns in Panorama – Economy, “HRC Think Tank”, published from 2007 to 2010, besides guest appearances in the TV programme Uno Mattina for the format “HRC Trends”, broadcasted weekly in spring 2010.