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The First Week of HRD Square
HRD Square | the Meeting Room for HR Directors of the Community |

This week, with Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti, HR Director | Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Italy | we worked on the programmatic document asked by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Nunzia Catalfo.

This week connected to HRD Square:
Enrico Martines, Guido Stratta, Gabriele Belsito, Serena Rossi, Lucia Landi, Maria Rita Fortunato, Federico De Pirro, Antonio Guarrera, Marco Monga, Stefania Monini, Manuel Guarrera, Ester Albertoni, Anna Torri, Carmen Sorrentino, Paolo Carminati, Laura Bruno, Valeria Ferreri, Valentina Teofoli, Gianluca Magnani, Simone Angius, MBA, Marco Antonelli, Alfredo Lombardi, Andrea Arrighi, Francesca Giraudo, Fabrizio Tripodi, Massimo Galeazzi, Gabriele Franceschini, Alessandro Camilleri, Stefano Bottaro, Massimo Miceli, Maurizio Martucci, Alessandro Visconti, Filippo Palombini, Mario Alemanno, Maurizio Bodano.

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