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Today our guests will be:
Chiara Carrisi | Operative Director (COO) at Santagostino Medical Center |
Giancarlo Mantegazza | Key Medical Doctor Italy & South Europe | Sanofi
Carmine Pallino Chartered accountant and labor consultant (expert in tax, management and corporate consultancy)
Germano Margiotta | Lawyer Margiotta & Partners

We will answer all your most important questions including for example:

• Masks yes – masks no
• Swabs or serological tests? Which are approved and reliable? When will they be available on a large scale?
• In very large companies, will tests be performed only with the help of a healthcare professional or even with a self-service mode?
• Will it be possible to map the company population with tests or not for privacy issues?
• What measures to take in the partial return from April 14 (dpi and test)?




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