HRC Job Talks – 4th Episode


Today at 16:10
I will be broadcast on Radio Radio with my friend Ilario Di Giovambattista for the weekly appointment of Job Talks, an extraordinary idea, projected to the future, despite this moment of crisis.

Each week an HR Director of the Community will talk about how he is reacting to this moment of emergency and how to give a positive outlook to the future for the new generations.

Today live with us, Francesca Giraudo HR Director – MED Region at EY.
Today with Francesca Giraudo we will talk about how to direct young people so that they can succeed in building themselves at this moment, adapting to the evolution of working methods.
And finally when we leave, what does EY expect?

This and much more today on #JobTalks at 4:10 pm on Radio Radio in collaboration with Ilario Di Giovambattista, a program curated by Marcello Presicci.



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